How To: Use Profile Picture as an Emoticon in Facebook Chat

Facebook has now come up with a pretty cool option to display the profile picture of an user, page or event as an emoticon in the Facebook chat. Bored of the old Facebook chat emoticons? With these custom emoticons in your hands, chatting in Facebook does indeed become a lot of more than earlier.


This trick allows you to display any profile picture in Facebook as an emoticon in the chat box. No matter, whether you are friends or not with a particular person, you can use his/her picture as an emoticon in your Facebook conversation. The format to display a custom emoticon of this version is [[username]] or [[unique id]]

Facebook gives an unique id or username to each and every user, page or event. With that in your hands, you can easily display the picture as an emoticon. Follow the below mentioned instructions to get the unique id or username of a particular user, page or event.

  1. Land yourself in someone’s page.
  2. Check out the address bar section. You will find an username or unique id in the address bar, along the URL section. As for Axleration, you can use the username axleration.
  3. Copy the username or unique id in your notepad, or make a quick mental note.
  4. Now in the chat box, use this format to enter the custom emoticon [[username]] or [[unique id]]
That’s it. When you hit Enter button, you will be surprised to see the picture being displayed as an emoticon in the chat box.
Image credit : TechCrunch
[stextbox id=”info”]Do these work in mobile devices?[/stextbox]
Yeah, in mobile devices you can use this. If you are using mobile apps like Facebook for Android or Facebook for iPhone, you can use this trick in the chat box. But the thing is that, the thumbnail will be display only in the web version of Facebook chat.
Let us all hope that Facebook brings this new feature to the mobile version of the Facebook chat too.You ought to notice that, people may be worried about the privacy concerns. With their faces spreading in chat, it is sure that people will hate this in one view. And by the way, what’s your thought on this new feature? Will it succeed?