Facebook Rolls The New Timeline Worldwide

All users are now enabled to lay their eager hands on the all new Timeline from Facebook. Facebook unveiled a brand new version of the profile for users called the Timeline in the Facebook f8 2011 conference. As the name denotes, Timeline is a better way to show all the things in your profile, right from your birth until now. It’s exactly similar to a dairy showing your day-to-day activities.


According to Facebook, the all new Timeline is scheduled to be rolled to every Facebook user within a week. By December 21, all the Facebook users will have the all new Timeline. It is a mandatory change to all and users cannot switch back to the old profile. Facebook had already started to roll out this new Timeline to all starting with the Kiwis, 8 days back.

If you want to get the Timeline right now, go to Introducing Timeline and at the bottom right, you can see an option named Get it now. If you want to re-arrange stuff, like edit older posts, delete older images, etc., you better clear up all the stuff and then enable this new Timeline. If you don’t enable the Timeline by December 21, Facebook will automatically kick your old profile and install this new one.

Timeline highlights a quite few handy features. When enabled users will be surprised by seeing a big photo section at the top called the Cover. Got a pretty cool looking, wide image? You can now set that as your Cover, which will please your visitors eyes.

Unlike your older profile, this new profile is split into two columns. Each column gets updated with all your stuff (activities). Also, Timeline features all your app activities. Also, the status update box is totally revamped. With this new Timeline, there are a lot of new options in the status box. Users can find a lot new options available there, which help to highlight major things in their lifetime like life events, achievements and a lot more.

Finally, in simple words, Timeline is the one of the best updates Facebook ever made. This all new Timeline is a must feature for all the Facebook users. Do dig into it.