Facebook Smileys

Have you ever thought about those beautiful smileys that you use in facebook chat ? People often use only a few smileys in facebook chat.  But facebook is not limited to those small set of smileys, facebook has a lot of smileys that you can use in your chat. I have listed them out below, use it and amuse your friends.


Facebook chat woot smiley


Facebook kiss smiley


Facebook chat wink smiley


Facebook chat tongue smiley


Facebook chat sunglasses smiley


Facebook chat smiling smiley


Facebook chat happy eyes smiley


Facebook sad smileys


Facebook chat robot smiley


Facebook Putnam smiley


Facebook pacman smiley


Facebook heart smileys


Facebook chat glasses smiley


Facebook chat gasp smiley


Facebook chat errr smiley


Facebook chat doh smiley


Facebook devil smiley


Facebook chat crying smiley


Facebook chat cat smile smiley


Facebook big smile smiley


Facebook chat angel smiley


Facebook chat aiya smiley


Facebook shark smiley


Facebook penguin smiley


So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and amuse your friends by using these smileys in your chats. If you know about any other smileys, don’t forget to share them here.

Update: Facebook has introduced a smiley dock now. You can get the list of all available smileys by clicking on the smiley icon when chatting with a person. you’ll find it in the lower right corner of the chat pop up. It is much easier to use smileys with this latest update. We will let you know if Facebook comes up with similar new stuff ! 🙂