Facebook Timeline for Android and iOS is Now Out

Both Android and iOS are not out with updated version of the Facebook app. With Timeline being set to be enabled for every Facebook user before December 21, Facebook has now moved to release the Timeline for Android and iOS devices.

Similar to the Facebook Timeline you see in the browser version, this version of the app features your Facebook life events put in the reverse chronological order. Starting from the bottom, you can see yourself born, become a kid, hit the teens-hood, enter college/university, graduate, become an adult and the list goes on.


A few days back, Facebook came up with the all new version of the Android and iOS app bundled with Facebook’s new Timeline. Unfortunately, this new update is not available for iPad. This version of the app runs only on iPhone and iPod Touch. Facebook is yet to reveal the updated version for iPad.

Also, Facebook users can come across this all new Timeline when they use Facebook via m.facebook.com with their mobile browser. Facebook hit the Enable button for Timeline for those users using m.facebook.com alongside enabling Timeline for Android and iOS devices.

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The updated Facebook app for Android devices highlights nothing new change when compared to the Timeline in the browser version. The Cover forms the top section with the other things following below. With an Android smartphone in your hands, provided with this updated app, Facebook’ing becomes a lot more fun than earlier.

Also, you can easily check out your friends’ photos in a bigger version, and navigate through his/her albums by just sliding your fingers across the screen. More info on the previous Facebook update for Android is available here : Android Gets an Updated Facebook App

Download the new Facebook app for Android @ Android Market

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According to Facebook’s official blog post, posted by Mick Johnson, Facebook rolled out this all new updated Facebook app, Facebook version 4.1, featuring the Timeline for the iOS users on December 18, 2011. This update works on iPod Touch and iPhone, provided they run on iOS 4.1. It’s not yet available for iPad.

Similar to the mobile browser, web browser and Android version of the Facebook app, this too features one’s life events in reverse chronological order, with a cover featuring the top section. When starting to use this new Timeline, one can notice that the posts like statuses, photos and other things appear noticeably larger giving the users a great usage welcome.

Download the new Facebook app for Android @ App Store

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Facebook app @ Android Market

Facebook app @ App Store