Facebook Timeline to Become Mandatory to All Users

The latest Facebook news is that, the Timeline is set to become mandatory to all users, within a period of week. Whether you love it or not, it is a compulsory change that you ought to undertake. The Timeline is basically a modified version of the current Facebook profile. As the name denotes, the Timeline is set to give you access to all your previous content. The Timeline features all your posts, photos and videos right from your birth, in a reverse chronological order.


In it’s latest blog post, Facebook says that the users will have access to the all new Timeline very soon. Users without Timeline will get a notification box at the top of the dashboard, quoting the fact that the Timeline will pop into their account within a period of time. Once the Timeline goes live, users will have an exact period of one week to review their content. In the words of Facebook it can be put as,

Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline. When you get timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview what’s their now. This gives you a chance to add or hide whatever before anyone else sees it.

The last f8 conference held by Facebook in September witnessed lots of Facebook records and discoveries. The Timeline was the most favorite announcement that Facebook made there. Following the conference, their came a small hack that allowed the people to get the Timeline, even before it’s official introduction. After a period of time, Facebook officially unveiled this all new Timeline. Facebook announced it’s roll out of the Timeline to the Kiwis first. Later, Facebook confirmed the roll out to the world. As of now, Facebook has confirmed that, this is a mandatory change and the users will get to lay hands on this very soon.

The Timeline features a two column section, rather than the single column profile page that we are familiar with. The two columns, highlight all your posts. The topmost section of your Timeline profile features a big box, where you can upload a good photo of your choice. Note that, the Facebook Timeline Cover is public and is visible to all. Beware, while uploading your photos to the cover section. If you want a good set of geeky covers check out : 10 Geeky Facebook Covers That You Would Love

If you are very much eager about this all new profile called the Timeline and want to get one right now, head to the Introducing Timeline page. Therein, at the bottom of the page, lies a button named Get Timeline. Once you hit it, you will get the all new Timeline. If you want to learn more about it, hit the Take Tour button or hit the Publish button and the Timeline goes live to all your friends! On the other hand, if you want to get the Timeline only when Facebook urges you to, wait a few days and you will get a box at the top pinging you to switch to the new Timeline.