Facebook Timeline to Roll to All – Starting With the Kiwis

When Facebook introduced the all new profile called the Timeline in September at the Facebook f8 2011 conference, a lot of people, counting over a million, used the developers beta to take a peek at Facebook’s Timeline. And now, Facebook announced that the Timeline is no longer in the old, beta stage.


Facebook has started rolling out the Timeline to all users starting with the guys from New Zealand. Being a strictly English speaking country, Facebook believes that starting to roll out from New Zealand will prove to be interesting. The company believes to get positive comments from people as a few months back, Facebook experienced a lot of negative shots about the new profile layout from most of the users.

Well, what about the other countries? Unlike every time, US is set to get the new roll out in a matter of time. US is not the first to lay hands on the all new Timeline. Facebook assures people, that the roll out of this Timeline will be unbelievably fast and will hit the users’ accounts soon. “We’ll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.” writes Samuel W.Lessin from Facebook blog.

Timeline, as the name depicts, is a simple way to tell your Facebook friends the story of your life. The two columns layout features all your posts, events, photos, videos and everything in your Facebook life right from your birth. For more info dig into : What is Facebook Timeline?