Facebook Timeline – What is it and How to Get it ?

Facebook is back with a bang in the f8 conference. Facebook has introduced a whole new concept named Timeline, which will replace your old profiles from 29th September. So, what is this timeline and what is new in it ?


Ever since Facebook was started, the profile and the wall are its part and parcel. They formed the integral part of facebook, but now facebook has made a bold decision in reinventing profiles and naming it as timeline.

The timeline features all that you have done since you joined facebook. It is like a magazine with a cover photo and all that. Yeah ! It is a magazine that features your life events. Let us take a deeper look at the timeline.


The cover is like a huge profile picture. It is the first that anyone would see when they enter your profile. It is a big picture of your life.


Once you scroll down, your actual profile picture can be seen along with some information about you, your number of friends, likes, notes etc which can be edited. Then there is the option to post your status updates. The status update box is revamped totally. Now there are more options The major one is that, now you can mark your life events in facebook. From an injury to buying a home to a relationship, there are inbuilt options as well as custom ones available which will let your mark the events of your life in your facebook timeline.

The things you share, comment, your recent tags and other similar stuff will be shown here.


Apps now become an integral part of the timeline. Apps are now closely integrated with facebook. So the stuff you do using your apps will be added to your timeline. For example, if you watch a movie through the netflix app, or hear a song through the spotify app, everything will be listed in your timeline.

How to Get the Facebook Timeline

This thing gets awesome and awesome when you meddle with it. As of now you can just sign up for the new timeline and wait till 29th September till it is rolled out to everyone. To sign up, head here and click the sign me up button at the bottom.

If you are too restless to get the timeline, you can get it now using this simple hack.

Get Facebook Timeline Now !

1. Log in to your facebook accout and visit this page. Click allow,

2. Click Create a new App

3. Give a dummy app name and namespace for the app. Click the checkbox that says “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” And then click Continue, pass the security check by filling in the Captcha.

4. Click open graph in the side bar.

5. Type in whatever you want  in those two boxes and click get started.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click save changes and next.

7. Wait for a few minutes in the page that shows up and then go to your homepage.

8. Click get it now button at the top in your homepage.

9. Ta Da ! You’ve got the timeline ! 😀


Get started with timeline

Check the timeline and do share your comments with us ! 😀