Facebook Video Chat – Powered by Skype – Coming Soon [MOCKUP]

Facebook is gonna launch a video chatting feature next week and it will be powered by Skype. Facebook being the largest social networking site, provides only text chat as of now and it is planning to launch a full featured video chat facility to its users.


Skype was recently bought by Microsoft. Facebook uses Bing by Microsoft as its search provider, now with the integration of Skype, Facebook is increasing its ties with Microsoft. The highly buzzed Google+ which was released a few days ago featured a video chat since its released, which was branded as hangouts.

Hangouts was considered rational as it was new, but after Facebook introduces its video chat, Hangouts would loose its importance. This new upcoming announcement from Facebook has created a lot of buzz in the social networking arena. With Skype integrated into Facebook, the time spent on Facebook by an average user would increase tremendously.

Facebook with the introduction of new features is becoming more and more addictive. While Google+ was creating  all the buzz, with a single leaked announcement, Facebook has drawn all the attention back to itself.

There is no leaked screenshot of the video chat available. But the guys at Mashable has created a Mockup Facebook/Skype video chat, take a look at it below.

What do you think about Facebook’s video chat ? Will it be a game changer ? Share your views on it with us ! 😀