Facebook Vs Myspace

In the competition between Facebook and Myspace it is very clear that Facebook won it. But Myspace was once the undisputed leader of Social Networking sites, but facebook started at a dorm grew fast to eat up Myspace to become the largest ever social networking site in the world.

Did you ever wonder what made Facebook win over Myspace ? If you are an avid techie, you would’ve followed all the important events in the history of Facebook and Myspace, New users of social networking, doesn’t even know about Myspace. If someone as strong as Myspace can fall down, can the same thing happen to Facebook as well ?
Well experts say so.


This Infographic below will show the history of the fight between Facebook and Myspace and reasons which lead to the victory of Facebook, it also deals with the demographic stats of facebook. Take a look at it and share your views.

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