How To: Make Fake Siri Conversations With iFakeSiri

As known to the world, Siri, the personal voice assistant in iPhone 4S, has been awesomely great in amusing with its funny replies to the user’s queries. If you have tried your best effort to crack the best joke in your conversation with Siri and failed in doing so, iFakeSiri is an option to go with.


In simple words, iFakeSiri is a free online web app which will help to your create fake Siri conversations. Fooling someone, perhaps your friend, with your faked Siri conversations must be a lot fun. But in the course of time, your friend will get to know that you faked that conversation. A simple test with Siri in reality will reveal the secret. But until then, this iFakeSiri will be fun to go with.

A few days back we came across a similar app named iFakeText which will let you to create fake iPhone conversations. Until now, all my friends have fell into the trap believing that I actually own an iPhone. I hope that, a few moments with iFakeSiri turns to be fun too.

All you have to do is to navigate to iFakeSiri. On landing there, you will find a large text box in the middle. As shown in the format, enter a funny conversation between you and Siri. And before hitting the Create your Siri conversation button set the correct carrier and voila! And now hit Create your Siri conversation. There lies the all new faked Siri conversation.

Once you get the faked image, on the left hand side of the page, you can find links to that image. Go to the direct image link, save the picture and upload to your Facebook account. In a matter of time, you will find many of your friends surprised by your conversation with Siri.