Fascinating Features in Windows 7

Windows 7 has not only modified the appearance and working capacity, it has also introduced many brilliant features to make the usage of computers livelier. But  Let us have a look at them.


Make your Desktop Background – a slide-show:

To achieve this : Right click on your desktop and select Personalize—-> Desktop Background and then hold the Ctrl key and select the images you wish to display as the background. On pressing the Enter Key, you will be prompted to enter the time interval between the display of each background. In this manner you can make your desktop background as a slide show.

Minimize Everything except the active window:

To achieve this press: Win key + Home key

Shift the Window between the monitors:

When you have multiple monitors connected to a single CPU, you can move the window from one monitor to the adjacent monitors, by pressing Win key + Shift key + Left or Right key.

Auto Arranging of desktop icons:

Instead of selecting the Auto Arrange option from the right click pop up menu, it’s enough if you hold the F5 key for few seconds. Your Desktop icons ‘ll re-arrange itself automatically.

Clearing the Desktop :

If there are too many windows in the Desktop, you can clear them by simply shaking the active window left –> right. Now all the inactive windows get minimized. You can restore them by shaking the active window once again.

Improve the Efficiency of your laptop’s battery:

Press Win key and type cmd. When the cmd icon appears, right click it and select  Run as Administrator. In the Dialog box that appears, type powercfg -energy -output <FolderName>Energy_Report.html. Now Windows will analyze the working of your laptop and then it will create an HTML document in the specified folder, stating the ways to improve the Efficiency of the battery.

Customize the Shut Down button:

Normally, the shut down button turns the computer off. But, few user may restart their computer often rather than shutting it down. Windows 7 allows you to transform the function of the Shut Down button and make it to function as a Restart or Sleep….. buttons.  To make this possible: Right click Start Button ——> Properties ——-> Power Button Action Drop down menu. Now select the preferred action for the Shut Down Button and then click Ok. Thus, the shut down button can be customized according to the need.

Viewing the Gadgets in the desktop when multiple Windows are open:

Pressing Win key + Spacebar will achieve this. When you do this, all the windows become 99% transparent, so that you can have a better vision of what gadgets are available in the desktop without actually minimizing the opened Windows.

Flip Your Desktop and the Windows:

One of the coolest feature offered by Win 7 is the flipping of windows. This can be achieved by Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tab + Left/Right/Up/Down key. This will allow you to work with less strain, when you are lying down.