Fastest wireless routers of 2013


Since I just purchased my new router, I have decided to present my research to you.
Wireless routers are one of the most important components to our business.  Even if that is home business.  How many of us live on the internet?? Right…..Think of how many minutes of our life we lose while waiting for pages to load.  Seriously, I think I developed attention deficit disorder from working on the computer.  It started out as multi-tasking while I wait for queries to run, files to upload and records to refresh.  Anyway, enough of my ranting, here is what I found as the top routers on the market by independent reviewers.
A few things to keep in mind when comparing routers.  You want to look for long range.  Long range  indicates that the wi-fi signal is capable of traveling over a longer area and through space and objects.  A must have if you live in a typical American home.  Most of us use wireless connections at home…gone are the days of a hard wired computer in an office.   An important note, make sure that your modem is updated.  If you have a poor modem, the router can only perform as well as it’s modem. Of course as everything is in technology, routers continue to improve.  I am on my second one in less than 2 years since I always want the fastest most effective speed.  These are all available in the $200 range.
Fatest wireless router of 2013:

1. NETGEAR R6300

Yes I am biased since I bought this one yesterday, but for good reason.  I set it up quickly, the password is taped to the router, I did not have to fumble through the manual and…..most importantly….. it is darn fast~~ !  I  have done a lot of research and this one always came out on top!!

The R6300 does not look the same as the other routers that Netgear makes.  It looks cooler!!  The face of the R6300 is broad and tends to sit back on the base. Other Netgear routers usually stand straight up and have a narrow profile. It has inside atennas and cannot be mounted on the wall ( I never have anyway)  The R6300 is both an 802.11n and an 802.11ac model that delivers 3 spatial streams on the 2.4GHz frequency. It puts out the top 450 mbps and also an additional 3 spatial streams with the capacity of putting out 1.3 gbps on a 5GHz frequency.

Honestly the Asus is a close second if not tied with the Netgear R6300.  The biggest difference is the RAM capacity which is higher than Netgear.
The RT-AC66U supplies two USB 2.0 ports. This makes it possible to connect a USB hard drive and a USB printer and use both of these items on a network.    Asus is developing a new Android and iOS app that is known as the AiCloud. This app will allow you to sync, open and put into storage any data on the connected hard drive by utilizing a lot of different items via the internet. The router has dual bands and has the ability to run a 450 mbps 802.11n network via the 2.4GHz frequency. It can also run a 1.3 gbps 802.11ac network on a 5GHz frequency at the same time.
3, Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

This wireless router is what Mac users desire if they would like a totally integrated wireless network which has Apple devices. Like the two wireless router above, The Airport Extreme Base Station is a dual-band wireless router supporting 802.11n and 802.11b/g.
Airport Extreme is intuitive and easy to use and it can work with PCs or Macs as well as other apple products.  But, not for nothing so do the other routers…nothing special there!
There have been reviews of the apple AirPort Extreme not working well with Linux OS.  Also if you have multiple devices connected (yes!) the 3 Ethernet ports are not enough. Even with these small disadvantages, the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station is an excellent choice for people of Apple products.