Finally a Dislike Function in Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet and it’s like feature has created huge waves among netizens. Many people requested for a dislike function too. If such a function is provided, people could easily show their dislikes to a status or comment or a photo or a product.


Facebook has introduced a new Comments system, which allows the user to rate a comment either positive or negative. The whole Comments system has been reorganized and is not available everywhere. It is accessible only on a few pages. we have to wait till it is made public, to use it everywhere.

Features of the New Comment System.

1. New System: Comments are threaded, you can reply to the status or even to comments below the status.

2. Post To profile: When you comment on a topic, you can inform your friends by posting it on your profile.

3. More information: It display your network/location next to our name along with no of votes for your comment.

4. Voting system: you can either like a comment by voting it up or dislike a comment by voting it down.

5.Percentage: The no of comments in your thread and the percentage of likeness of yourr comment will be displayed when you hover over it.

Check the new comment system live at –

Try the new comment system and share your views with us.