Firefox 8 Now Available For Download ; Official Unveil On Nov. 8

Mozilla seems to be on heat these days. It was just 6 weeks back when Firefox 7 came and now, it’s time for Firefox 8. With 4 versions launched this year, this is the 5th one in the series. Ever since Mozilla started to follow the policy of upgrading the version every 6 weeks, the changes in each new version have gone un-noticeable.


But this version of the Firefox browser is something that users can’t take their eyes off from it. Mozilla has taken steps to improve the search and add-ons capabilities in this new version. Also comes a new change in the tabs. Head down below to see more information on these changes.

  • You can now search Twitter messages right from the address bar.
  • Improved add-on management for security. The add-ons from third party apps are now disabled by default.
  • Load tabs after restart on user’s demand.

As you read in the title, this new version hasn’t been introduced by Mozilla officially. This has been the case with Mozilla for ages. Mozilla is used to roll out the new beta version of the browser, before officially introducing to the users. So, what are you waiting for? Download from the links available below.

  • Windows users can download here.
  • MAC users can download here.
  • Linux Users can download here.
That’s it. Download this brand new version of Firefox and drop in your thoughts below.