Flickr’s UI Looks More Like Pinterest’s From February 28

While Facebook, Google+, Picasa and the other photo sharing sites, including the brand new photo sharing social giant Pinterest, race ahead, Flickr from Yahoo is trying hard to get back on it’s legs. Though Flickr looks pretty outdated, it indeed comes with ultra cool features tempting even the most serious photographers out there. And now, here is the news. Flickr is now all set to get a new makeover, making it look more like Pinterest.


Users will no longer see those small photos, big white space around, more information of the photos rather than the size. The User Interface is getting a big overhaul making it look more like Pinterest. If you have been on Pinterest, you would have notice that, Pinterest shows those big images first and then the information underneath it. This is what users love and Flickr is about to feature a similar User Interface very soon.

If you haven’t got your hands on Pinterest yet, make sure to get an invite from us at our Facebook fan page or Google+ brand page. Pinterest is really a charming site!

The information comes from Markus Spiering, Flickr’s Senior Product Manager, who in an interview with BetaBeat announced this new change. He calls the present interface as lots of white space, small photos, lots of information around. Users are sure to hate when the photos are really small, tempting them to hit the photo to enlarge it, right? According to the reports, the new User Interface gives a screen with pretty large photos and need not be clicked to see the photos in a better resolution.

Also, Flickr is about to give the users an option to drag and drop the photos right from their hard drive. Users no longer need to select the images from the hard drive. The drag and drop option has become a favorite among all those online photo lovers.

What’s your thought !?! Will this new update prove to be a success? Is this the Flickr users want from the company? Will this new change take Flickr back to the top in the niche? Do share your ideas with us.