How To: Follow Santa Anywhere Online – Google Makes it Easier

Christmas is the season of fun and enjoy. With Santa delivering gifts to all those children and others out there, Google is working hard for people to stay in touch with Santa throughout his journey.

With Google, smartphones, social media networks in your hands, tracking Santa really becomes a ton of fun. When visited, the Google search page quotes the tag “Follow Santa on Christmas Eve on Google Earth” at the bottom of the page. If you ever wanted to celebrate this Christmas with much pomp and fun, you better enjoy by tracking Santa either on Google Maps, Google Earth, Social Media sites or with your smartphones.


3 Ways to follow Santa

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 Google Maps / Google Earth[/stextbox]

The official site, sports an embedded Google Earth which tracks Santa as he makes his progress round the world on his sleigh, delivering presents the people. The Earth map gives a realistic journey of Santa across the Earth.

If you rather wish to track Santa on Google maps, there lies at the top right of the map in page, a button labeled Track Santa on Google Maps. Clicking on it will land you in a Google maps page which locates the position of Santa at that time.

The Google Maps also features the videos of Santa’s journey across the globe. As you can see, the entire world gets filled with gift boxes and also features video icons in certain places. Clicking on the video button, opens up a YouTube video pop up box and the video starts playing.

Also, the page shows the total number of gifts delivered by Santa at a particular time and also locates his current location in the page. As of now, Santa has delivered 1,511,092,348 gifts and is heading to Georgetown, Guyana in 1 minute and 3 seconds.

Thanks to National American Aerospace Defense Command for making tracking Santa possible. According to National American Aerospace Defense Command, Santa started on his sleigh journey at 2 a.m. EST time.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 On Smartphones[/stextbox]

On an Android or iOS device. Tracking Santa on your mobile device becomes a lot more easier than earlier. On heading to the Google Maps app in your device, you can easily spot Santa’s location on the map, provided you type Santa in the available search box.

Also, NORAD, National American Aerospace Defense Command, comes with a pretty cool app both for Android and iOS users. The app comes with awesome, cool stuff. You can make progress along with Santa on his sleigh, learn about Santa’s mission and also help Santa’s elves to deliver the presents to the people on time

[stextbox id=”download”]Download the NORAD official app[/stextbox]

The official NORAD app for Android is available at Android Market

The official NORAD app for iOS is available at the App Store

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 On Social Media[/stextbox]

With the social media sites within hand’s reach, NORAD is constantly updating the whereabouts of Santa on all the three popular social media giants : Facebook, Twitter and Google+

You can now follow Santa on @NoradSanta or like @NoradSanta or +1 @NoradTracksSanta. All these three accounts keep people constantly pinged about the latest visited places of Santa, coupled with the latest videos.

Follow Santa and have a great Christmas fun. Merry Christmas, once again !