Friend Activity For Facebook Pages

Facebook has been up to a lot these days. There’s a lot of new features introduced in Facebook this week. Now Facebook came up with another new feature. As you can see in the title, Facebook introduced a new tab called Friend Activity for the Facebook pages. If you need to see more Facebook related posts, scroll down to bottom of the post but after reading this post.


So consider that you own a Facebook page. You are the admin of the page. How will you know what your friends have been up to that is something related to your fan page? Now, Facebook made it easy for us to get to know what our friends have been doing with our fan page. How much they are promoting, how much content is liked by them, how much content is commented upon. And much more.

Go to your fan page now and click on the “Friend Activity” tab available on the left side. It will show all the content liked or commented or shared by your Facebook friends. If they have mentioned your fan page in any of their status updates or any other posts, it will also show up in your Friend Activity tab. It proves to be very helpful to know what your friends have been up to. It will also help you know how much your fan page has traveled and how popular that is.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Friend Activity” tab in Axleration.

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