My frustration with Linksys EA4500 router!!

I had a wonderful day planned… was a cool crisp day and I planned to ride my horse and spend some time with my kids……Instead…..I spent the day on the phone with Comcast  tech support (after being disconnected twice), then Cisco support, only to find myself running to Best Buy to buy a new router.

It started out this way: We are a technological family….we have about 5-7 computers, smart phones, wireless tv….you name it we are nerds……..I am always getting complaints from someone in the household about our internet speed……I myself find it is always slower than I wish.  We pay over 100 a month for crappy cable internet service and we live outside of a major metropolitan area.  Needless to say, I was determined to get to the bottom of this.

In addition to numerous complaints about the Linksys EA4500 having slow performance or intermittent performance, it is darn confusing to set up.  Mind you I used to run tech support, I am not a stupid technical person, but the directions are unclear and which software to download for setup and which password to use for which interface etc.  The cable company asked me to call Linksys (or is is Cisco?) tech support.  I almost gasped when the comcast tech suggested it. Doesn’t she know they will not be able to help me??

Not only did Cisco/Linksys (whoever they are being called) support not help, they would charge me for the help!!! Or I could order a new router at a reduced price.  That reduced price was over 40% then other stores online!!

SO I found myself racing to Best Buy to purchase the fasted best router in the world and it WOULD NOT be a Cisco/Linksys.

Guess what?? I purchased a Netgear 4600 and installed it in all of 5 min. Seriously.  So, ok, maybe the linksys EA4500 worked fine….and I will tell everyone on Ebay that when I sell it.  But the ease of installation and setup was so easy and well worth it.  After all, how would I be able to write this if I hadn’t replaced it 🙂