Fun With Google Translate.

Google Translate is crowd sourced. That is most words are taught to Google Translate in different languages only by people. But it won’t be put for public use unless it is voted good by many. But if some get naughty enough and play pranks using it and if gets voted good, then it’ll be shown in for the public.

There are lots of similar pranks available all over the internet for Google Translate, mostly for languages which are newly added and doesn’t have many contributors.

I was just browsing around and found an interesting stuff. When you try to translate “James Bond” in Google translate to Chinese, it translates it to “007

1. Go to Google Translate.

2. Write “James Bond” in the text box.

3. Select “English” in the “Translate from” drop down box.


4. Select “Chinese (Traditional)” or “Chinese (Simplified)” in the “Translate to” drop down box

5. Click Translate and see the fun.

We’ll come up with more similar pranks in a follow up post. So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed, so that you’ll be the first to know, when we post some funny stuff !