The future of wearable technology in 2015

model wearing google glasses
google glasses

Two fascinating conferences took place this week.  One in NYC:  Wearable Tech Expo and in San Francisco: Wearable Technologies Conference.  Both conferences discussed “wearable technology”  Let’s see what 2015 will look like!


Lark Pro :  This is a wearable alarm clock, if you will that will wake you and not disturb your bedmate.  I addition to making your bedmate happy, research from Duke University Medical Center has shown that a natural wake to the day is better for a more energized day versus the jolting wake of an alarm clock or mom screaming (if you are a teen!).  The latter produces an adrenaline rush giving a quick burst that is short lived. The same goes for quick caffeine to jolt you into alertness.

How about an easy way to vacuum your house?? No I am not talking about that little robot cleaner, I am talking about Foki vacuum shoes.  These little numbers will vacuum as you walk.  To think shuffling has a purpose.

Are you one of the sports enthusiasts that is always purchasing the new activewear for your sport?  Then you will love as the new training shirts developed by Adidas.  They will not only follow your performance, they will also upload it to your smartphone!!  How is that for a personal trainer?

Speaking of health, lets not forget to read our glucose readings.  A new “nan-tattoo” can be read with an ultra-violet light.  Hence no more pricking your finger to find out your blood sugar.  Gives a whole new meaning to tattoos.

I personally love the future technology.  I suppose most of it we cannot even imagine yet.  Stay tuned here to see the next greatest future developments from the conferences this past week.