Google’s Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon To India

Now it’s time for the hardcore Android fans in India to lay their hands on the much awaited Google’s Galaxy Nexus. A few days back we were announced of the release date of Galaxy Nexus in Europe and now it comes to India. The Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Android OS, has got itself baked into this new device. The Indian website for this device sports a message “Coming Soon” at the bottom right added with the a registration page and lists all the features in this new device.


This newbie in the Nexus collection is the first ever device to sport Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). And also, this is the first time, India gets a chance to set it’s hands on the new device for the first time. It is said that 18 countries are to get this new device in the first global roll out. India is one among them.

This device comes with 1.2GHz dual core processor. This device has got 4.65 inches touch screen which gives big screen lovers, the main reason to go for this device. After all, this device has got a lot of new features which include Face Unlock, Android Beam and much more. With Face Unlock, a small smile from you will unlock your device without the need for passwords. And Android Beam lets you share files to other devices via NFC technology. Take a look at Galaxy Nexus Review to know all it’s amazing features.

Other countries which get this new device in the first phase of the roll out are France, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, US, UK, Portugal, Thailand and more.

Although there is no word for the exact date of release, let us hope that Google rolls out this new device as soon as possible. Are you one of those Android freaks out there to lay your hands on the first roll? Share your thoughts.