Samsung Galaxy S3 Might Not Attend the MWC 2012 Party

This latest rumor that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 might not attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 party. Earlier, it was rumored that the stylish looking smartphone might make it’s debut at the MWC 2012 and then hit the markets in the month of April. But, as of now, it is said that the mobile phone might not reach the MWC 2012 held at Barcelona, in time. This information came from The Verge and other German sites of the same niche.


Samsung quotes the reason for it’s delay as uncomfortable with another long lag between the global launch and the US availability, which indeed proves to be an interesting theory. Also, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S2 marked the MWC of the year 2011. While most of the Samsung lovers out there believe that, Samsung will follow the same routine, it is quite unsure that the Galaxy S3 will debut at this upcoming event. The event is scheduled to start from February 27 and goes on till March 1. While Samsung believes that it does not want to loss with the long time gap between the global launch and US release, like it happened last year, this reason proves to a good one for it’s delay. No matter how long Samsung takes, it is confirmed that the mobile phone will debut very soon, before summer.


Also, other sources quote the fact that Samsung is delaying the launch because they want to release the next generation quad core processor, which is used in this much loved Galaxy S3. If the rumored specifications are true, the mobile phone comes with a stunning, handy 12MP camera, HD resolution and runs on a 1.5 GHz processor. While it is so, the phone runs on the latest Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich.

With all these rumored specifications, Galaxy S3 really proves to be the best smartphone of this year. What’s your thought? Will Galaxy S3 make it’s way to the MWC 2012 or might not as you read in the title? Marking the fact that the MWC 2012 is a big event, I personally believe that the phone might make it’s appearance at the big event.