Samsung Galaxy S3 Coming With Flexible Display?

Whether the news is true or false, as of now, rumors have been spreading that the upcoming version of the Galaxy series, Galaxy S3, from Samsung will feature a super slim, flexible display. While the news might be false, a few sources have come up with an image, featuring the flexible device while other sites confirm the fact that, the Samsung officials have confirmed this new concept.


With the flexible mobile concept revolving in Samsung’s road map for the past few days, this new introduction or rumor, whatever you call, is all set to take Samsung further up in the profit. A mobile device that can be  folded is certainly a surprising information for all those mobile freaks out there.

As you can see below, this is the image showing the Galaxy S3 flexible device. By the looks, I personally believe that this model looks awkward. But when one gets to know with what super power it comes with, one is certain to love it. Don’t get excited by just seeing this device. Check out the rumored Galaxy S3 specs !

It could just be one of those available prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Once a model is confirmed, the production process will start and within a matter of time, people can get their lovely hands on this all new mobile device. As reported earlier, Galaxy S3 will not attend the Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona this month. The mobile announcement has been pushed for a few more days. Does that mean that, Samsung is holding the time just make sure that this device is ultra cool with this new feature?

Previously it was reported that Nokia is the first one to come with this cool concept. Naming it the Kinetic Device, the device from Nokia allows users to easily operate the mobile device, giving the users more than they ever need. Know more about it here : Nokia’s Kinetic Device : The Flexible Mobile Device

Also, according to the sources, this new concept might find a place in all the upcoming Samsung devices once this Galaxy S3 proves to be a success. What do you think about this new device? Do you think that Samsung might change the model at the very last minute, like so in the case of Galaxy Tab 10.1. Or will this be the prototype that is set to be Galaxy S3’s body? And also, once this device is ready one can expect this to hit the stores around the month of April. Do share your thoughts with us.