How To: Generate Dummy Text Blocks In Microsoft Word

When it comes to making graphic designs or publishing, a dummy block of text commonly called “Lorem Ipsum” is the best thing to go with instead of writing your own content inside. The dummy text block can be used to fill anything. Want to fill a demo blog with content? Lorem Ipsum is the best option to go with. Earlier, I used Google to get Lorem Ipsum generators. But there is no need of that. Recently I came across two pretty useful codes to generate Lorem Ipsum right inside Microsoft Word 2007.


As I said above, there are two codes that have the capacity to generate dummy text blocks in Microsoft Word. One generates the dummy text block with random letters. The text won’t have any meaning. And the other one generates dummy text blocks in English which have meaning. You can go with any one or both.

Before heading down to know the codes, here is an image illustrating Lorem Ipsum.

[stextbox id=”info”]Lorem Ipsum with no meaning[/stextbox]

Fire up Microsoft Word and place your cursor on the screen. Now type =lorem() and hit Enter to generate 3 paragraphs of text with an average of 3 lines. This is the default setting. You can change these parameters. For example, =lorem(2,5) will generate two paragraphs of text with 5 lines each. You can see that, the generated text will have no meaning. If you want text with meaning, head down.


Image courtesy [Labnol]

[stextbox id=”info”]Lorem Ipsum with meaning[/stextbox]

Fire up Microsoft Word and place your cursor on the screen. Instead of =lorem(), now type =rand(n) where “n” refers to any number. It will generate “n” number of paragraphs in English with meaning.

So did you like this trick? Which one will you go with? Share your thoughts with us. I believe there are only 2 secret codes. If you come across any more, do ping us.