Get 25GB of Free Space in Skydrive [Tip]

Microsoft’s Skydrive is one of the early birds in the cloud storage arena and they offer the highest ever base free storage of 7 GB to all users. In order to cope up with the competition and to prevent it’s users from switching to other services, Microsoft has announced a free upgrade to 25GB for existing users. This is available for some time now, since many approached us about how to get this free 25GB upgrade, we’ll guide you through the process.


Note: This upgrade is available only for existing users of Windows Live Skydrive, new users will get only the 7GB storage, which is still not a bad one, when we consider the competitions’ offerings.

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How To Get 25GB of Free Space in Skydrive

  1. Login to your Windows Live account.
  2. Then go to Skydrive.
  3. Click Manage Storage in the bottom left of the left task pane or follow this link.
  4. If you can upgrade to 25GB, you will see something like this.
  1. Once you click the Free upgrade button, your, skydrive account will be upgraded with 25GB of free storage space

You can download official Skydrive apps to keep your data in sync across multiple devices. Currently we have Skydrive apps for Windows Vista and upwards, Mac, iDevices and Windows Phone 7. Skydrive app isn’t available for the Android platform and there is not information whether an app for the android platform will be available in the future or not.

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One interesting feature with Skydrive is fetch, if you have Skydrive installed in one computer, and switched on fetch, you can access it’s files from a different device through This is an interesting feature, but however you can’t fetch files in a Mac. Take a look at this video to understand about fetch.

Hope this simple tip helped you to upgrade your storage to 25GB. Do share with your friends. If you have any doubts, do let us know.