Gmail App For iPhone To Come Soon [Rumor]

The one and only thing that iPhones lack is the Gmail app. There are billions and billions of Gmail users out there and they will want to use Gmail on the go, right? Now, Google is on the verge of introducing a native Gmail app for the iPhone users. This is not quite sure yet. A few sources say that, this app has been submitted for approval to Apple. Once approved, this app will start popping in the iPhones.


“Google is on the verge of launching their native Gmail app, multiple sources tell me. In fact, I believe it has already been submitted to Apple for review. If it gets approved, it should be out soon. And I think it’s going to be approved.” says MG Siegler from ParisLemon.

Right now, iPhone users have been using Gmail as a web app. But this native Gmail app introduction would be much more better with advanced functionality and would be faster. What’s gonna be new in this app? It is rumored that Google is to introduce one-clicking starring of mails, push notifications, priority inbox in this new, native app. A lot of other features are bundled up in this new app. We will get to know more when this app officially pops in iPhones.

A Google product, Gmail, not only rightly belong only those Android users but also the the iPhone owners, as of now. But the thing is that Apple has to approve the app. The biggest doubt is whether Apple approves this app or not, as Apple and Google are one of those biggest enemies in the tech niche out there.