Gmail Gets Another New Look

It was just a few days back when Google accidentally leaked a video showing all the new changes in Gmail. And now, Google officially introduced this new Gmail look to all the users. Google had been at busy work for the past few months, designing the new look for Gmail and now it started to roll out to all the users.


This new look is based on the latest introduced theme named “Preview Dense”. This new look includes a re-sizable navigation panel on the left side, high-definition imaged themes, updated search box with advanced features, a new interface for the conversations section, display density, profile pictures near contact names and also Gmail will fit any size window screen. This below video shows a few of the above mentioned new features.

To get this new look right now, look for a button named “Switch to the new look” that can be found at the bottom right of the page. After hitting the button, you will get to know more info on this new look and eventually you will be greeted with Gmail’s new look. If you don’t like this new look, you can switch back to the old one with an option available in the settings section.

[stextbox id=”info”]Display Density[/stextbox]

We all use different versions of screen resolutions and to make Gmail usage comfortable for all users, Google introduced a new feature called “Display Density” which has three options : Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. Each screen display density changes from the other. After switching to the new look, you will a settings-like button at the right side of the page navigation button.

[stextbox id=”info”]Re-sizable Navigation Panel[/stextbox]

The chat contacts and labels have always been floating on the left side and it continues even now. But a new change has been brought to this navigation panel. You can now re-size this panel. Want to see more chat contacts than the labels? Move the navigation panel up and there goes the larger chat screen.

Well, there are many new features introduced. To have a deeper look at all those, take a look at Gmail’s blog. What do you think about this new look? Drop in your thoughts below in the comments section.