Google+ Badges For Brand Pages Is Now Out

Google rolled out the brand page badges, yesterday. This badge can be embedded in any page, your website or blog. This gives the bloggers and website owners a better way to connect their readers with their brand pages on Google+


Google started the brand pages on Google+ on November 7, giving way for businesses to create a presence on Google+ too. The start of brand pages seemed to take Google+ to greater heights and now, Google came up with the idea of badges for brand pages.

These new badges look exactly the same like Facebook like plugins or previous Google+ badges. It comes with a button named “Add to circles”, the followers count and pictures of the followers and most important of all, a +1 button. When people see this badge embedded in your blog, it gives an easier way to +1 it and perhaps add it to their circles.

Unlike Facebook’s like box, Google+ brand page badge has got a few more features. “The Google+ badge also contains a snippet of code that connects your website to your Google+ page. In addition to helping us better index your Google+ page, this snippet will help you show more personal recommendations around the web by linking your +1’s on sites, your Google+ page, search and display ads.” said Google in an email to developers.

As Google said, adding the badge to your website/blog gives you a better opportunity to be default on Google’s Direct Connect search feature. This allows for people to search for “+YourPageName” and land up right in your Google+ brand page.

These new features are really awesome. Agree or disagree? Voice your thoughts below in the comments section of the site and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.