Google Celebrates Valentine’s Day With a Doodle

A new doodle from Google is now on, on the homepage, depicting the fact that, Google is now all set in a party mood to celebrate the Valentine’s Day of this year. As you can see, unlike previous years’ doodles for Valentine’s Day, this doodle is pretty amazing, sporting a video of a young chap’s love to his girl. This Google-made video shows the small boy Googling for tips that will help him catch his girl’s attention.


As the doodle shows, the company’s name Google is shown except that, the second O is replaced by a Valentine card held by the boy, with a Play button. Once clicked, the button disappears, giving the users’ access to a small video. The video begins with a small boy Googling for ways to capture his girl’s heart. Meanwhile the video plays the Tony Bennett’s version of Hank William’s song Cold, Cold Heart.

Beginning with a rose, the guy fails to get the attention of this lover’s heart. While the girl continues skipping rope, the boy moves back to his home with a solemn face. Within seconds he can be seen back to the girl with a heart shaped chocolate. Failing even with that, the guy storms with lots of gifts, which include teddy bear, cake, rabbit and lots more. But, unfortunately, the guy fails to catch his lover’s attention.

Finally, the video shows the guy coming back to the park and starts skipping rope along with the girl. What happened? With a matter of time, the girl can be seen hugging the boy and later, they can be seen skipping rope together. She doesn’t want gifts. It’s the man that she wants and not those stupid gifts. What does that mean? Google tries to make people understand that, it is not things that people want. It is love that one gotta show to others, to catch their heart. With a happy ending, the video comes to an end and finally sports the Valentine card from Google.