Google Celebrates Children’s Day With a Special Doodle

As we all know, Google used to celebrate and celebrates special occasions with special doodles created by certain talented doodlers with their special talents. On each special day, Google puts up a special logo sporting the company’s name “Google”. To celebrate Children’s day this year, Google came up with an unique idea of conducting a Google doodle making competition among the students of India.


Varsha Gupta, a third grade student, came up with an unique presentation of the doodle. Her doodle, which is now put up in the Google homepage, shows the name “Google” with each letter of the name representing a particular musical instrument. It is quite sure that Varsha put all her artistic talents and presented this awesome logo which won her the first place in the Google Doodle 4 competition. Being just a third grade student, from Ryan International School in greater Noida, she came up with this amazing artistic doodle. This makes me wonder her creations in her future. What’s your thought?


India is a land of different cultures. In India, music plays a very important role. India has given many musical instruments to the world. Goddess Saraswati plays Veena, God Shiv plays Damaru. According to our mythological stories musical instruments used to be played on all the occasions. Even during war musical instruments were played. Lord Krishna’s flute is known in the whole world for its magical music. In modern days Zakir Hussain is world famous as Tabla Maestro and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is known as a great Santoor player all over the world.” said Varsha Gupta in a report to the media persons.

With 155K doodles submitted, 6K were longlisted. From that 600 doodles were selected for semifinals. The number 600 was finally reduced to 45 in the finals. Jennifer Hom, a Google Doodler, selected the best doodle to put in Google’s homepage and it turned to be the doodle from Varsha Gupta.