Google Chrome for Android is Now Officially Released for ICS Devices

Android as a smartphone can be used to its full potential only with the help of an internet connection, and a web browser acts a window to the world wide web. Though Google had its own browser for computers, it didn’t launch a mobile version of its infamous Google Chrome for mobile devices. The reason is unknown.

But the wait is over. Google Chrome, which is the second most used browser, comes to mobile devices to make its mark. But I would say Google has entered the mobile market too late, while other players like Opera, Dolphin, UCWeb have already secured their positions on the browser market in the Android platform though still many use the stock browser which is very basic until ICS.


Google Chrome is officially available for smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich. The browser is still in the beta stage and the current version while writing this is 0.16.4130.199

Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android is built for speed and simplicity. Chrome for Android was built from the ground again to suit the needs of the mobile devices. It is as fast as the desktop version and follows the same intuitive features like the pre-loading of the top search results in the background for faster browsing and a lot more.

Chrome for Android also features the Omnibox which acts as both address bar and search box. Chrome for Android comes with the Incognito browsing feature, a new thing on the mobile platform for improved privacy. The interface is simple yet powerful, with syncing features available, you can take your desktop browsing experience with you, wherever you go.

One disadvantage is that, Chrome for Android doesn’t have native flash support. Many other browsers boast about having this feature, but Google hasn’t included this and it is not sure whether Google would strain to add it in the future as Adobe has officially discontinued flash for mobile devices in favour of HTML5.

Chrome for Android is in the beta stage and is available for Android phones and tablets running on Android ICS and can be downloaded from the market. It is not sure whether Google would release Chrome for the iPhone, it would be interesting to see whether Apple would approve it or would prolong it, like in the case of Google Voice.

Stay tuned with Axleration for more information on this. Do share your comments with us and if you’ve used this on your device do share your experiences with us.

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