Google Docs App is Now Available for Android

Finally a decent office suite for Android is available now and Android looks more complete with it. The app brings Google Docs experience through a native app to Android devices. Most of us would have used Google Docs and experienced the benefits of working in the cloud. With the release of this app, we can create, edit and share documents on the go.


This app comes with all those basic features available in the online version. However you need an internet connection to work with this app. Working with this app is a highly effortless job and even new users can get used to it as it is neatly designed and is easily understandable.

This app comes with basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities. It can convert printed text into editable text, when you take a photo of the document. But it is not highly accurate, but Google has promised to make it better. It’ll be quite handy to have a portable OCR with us.

This app looks cool and it is worth trying it. Install it in your Android Device and share your experiences with us !

Download Google Docs App

Android Market Link or QR Code Here