Google Does A Barrel Roll [Added With More Search Tricks]

Yeah, you read the title right. This topic is trending everywhere in the web now. In Twitter, in Facebook and in almost the whole web, this new trick by Google seems to have caught everyone’s attention.

A simple search for the query “Do a barrel roll” will roll the web page’s text for a full rotation. This trick uses HTML5 and hence this does not seem to outdated Internet Explorer browser. If you want to have a cool and smooth effect, try this trick in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.


If you have enabled “Instant Search” in your Google Chrome, on just typing “Do a” the webpage will start rolling. This new trick is just a temporary Google Easter Egg. So you better try this now before it’s too long. You can also use the search query “Z or R twice”. These two search queries have got their names from a game named “Star Fox 64″ that was a hit game in the Nintendo platform in the year 1997.


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Well, it was ages back when we had a similar trick called the “Google Gravity“. This one does a similar effect too. Typing “Google Gravity” in the search box and hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button will get all the contents on the Google homepage tumbling down due to the presence of gravitational force. This one continues to work even now.

Searching for the query “Tilt” or “Askew” will tilt your Google search page a little towards the right, forcing your head to tilt too. Similarly when you Google for the word “Recursion”, Google will revert you with a notice saying “Did you mean: recursion“. In spite of the exact spelling, Google will revert you with an error.

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