Google Doodle Gets Updated for New Year

When you land in the Google site, you will not be surprised to see Google sporting a brand new Doodle welcoming the year 2012 with warm greetings. It a few hours ago, when Google had a brand new doodle sporting the New Year Wishes from Google. Now, the same Doodle seems to have undergone a few changes and bring New Year Wishes from Google.


Yesterday’s Doodle was found to be covered with Party hats, Hats and Trumpets. As of now, this upgraded Google Doodle sports neither the hats nor the trumpets. Instead of those, Google Doodle finds itself adorned with Calendars, Guitars, Music headsets and Books.

The letter G of the company, Google, finds a music headset placed in it’s ears while it’s neighbor O seems to be partying himself. The next O finds itself flying in the air while G plays a peaceful tone with it’s amazing guitar. The letter L is found to be really busy with his books. One thing is sure now, L of Google is really an awesome bookworm. The letter E is found to be sweeping the last pieces of the year 2011 and the nearby lying calendar gives a warm welcome to 2012.

Users, who can’t find this new Doodle in their Google site need not worry. As the time passes, Google will roll out the Doodle to all, according to the time zones. Do stay tuned with us for more updates. And by the way, Happy New Year wishes from the A-Team !