Google Doodles Origami Grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa

Once you land yourself in the Google homepage today, you will notice a really colorful Origami doodle covering the front section of the page. It’s the 101st birth anniversary of the Origami grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa and here is Google to celebrate this big day. This man, originating from Japan, is widely known master for making paper folding art and popularizing it worldwide.


If you happen to be a big fan of paper folding, you will of course be a big fan of Akira Yoshizawa. This man was the iconic hero behind making this art very popular round the globe and in turn he earned many titles. He is said to be the cultural ambassador of Japan and also said to be the founder of the International Origami Center at Tokyo. 🙂

To celebrate this man’s day with much pomp and fun, Google doodled a really creative doodle and placed it in all the homepages of the company. The below shown doodle is the one present in the homepage of Google right now and the doodle is inspired by the Origami art made originally by Robert Lang, yet another Origami master, who was in turn inspired by the grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa.

The doodle shows the company’s name featured in paper folding and has butterflies adoring it in every nook of the doodle. Presented in a colorful manner, the doodle is looking really awesome and tempts lots of users to take a deeper look at it. What do you think about the doodle?

Last time we reported, Google was seen to be doodling yet other colorful doodles marking the lovely day called the Valentine’s day and before that we saw a doodle featuring two big events – Leap Day and Gioachino Rossini’s 200th birthday.