Google and Firefox Join in the Search Deal Again

Google and Firefox joined hands on the search deal again, after the previous bond expired a few days back. Amid the intense atmosphere that prevailed yesterday at the auction center, Google clinched the place in Mozilla Firefox’s lap as the default search engine for the browser. With the Google’s two other competitors, Microsoft and Yahoo, starting to bid higher and higher, the auction came to an end when Google finally agreed to pay bucks more than the other two tech giants.


According the deal, Google is to stay as the default search engine for the Firefox browser by Mozilla, as Google agreed to pay $300 million a year. This three year deal between Google and Firefox is to near $1 billion totally, which now acts the main revenue to Mozilla to develop it’s browser, Firefox. According to AllThingsD, Mozilla’s last year’s main revenue was from Google which is a $123 million bill. With this new deal signed, Mozilla’s revenue is to increase several times when compared to that of last year.

There ain’t any more information on this financial Google-Firefox deal. The official Mozilla blog post quotes “The specific terms of this commercial agreement are subject to traditional and confidentiality requirements, and we’re not at liberty to disclose them

[stextbox id=”info”]Who is the leading in the share market?[/stextbox]

If it surprises you, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the best dominant and leading web browser in the share market as of now. Closely follow Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in the second and third places respectively. The rapid growth of Google’s Chrome browser does indeed seem to kick Internet Explorer from being nailed in the first position.

Will this new, reborn deal set Mozilla’s Firefox on the path to overthrow the other two top browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome? Will Microsoft struggling to popularize it’s own search engine Bing, overthrow Google? Do drop in your thoughts below in the comments section.