Google Sends Holiday Wishes With a Doodle

Christmas and the New Year are just round the corner, and now Google got itself in a happy mood by launching a brand new doodle in the site. When visited, Google users will be surprised to see a static doodle on the site. When one hovers the mouse button over the doodle, there pops a box quoting the text Happy Holidays From Google!


As you can see below in the doodle, this one features all the major things related to a Christmas celebration. The doodle gets itself adorned with Snowflakes, Santa Claus, a Christmas bell, Snowman, Candles and Gift boxes. All these featuring the main section of the doodle, the background is set to dark black highlighting the dark chilly nights during the month of Christmas.

Where is the name company’s name Google? If you observe very carefully, you can figure out the position of the word Google in the doodle. Closely behind the Christmas items, lies the company’s name Google with each letter corresponding to a particular Christmas item.

Also, a few days back, Google users were really happy to find snowflakes falling from the top of the Google site. Want to fill your Google page with falling snowflakes? Dig into this post : Google Snows On Typing “Let In Snow”

[stextbox id=”info”]What are Google Doodles?[/stextbox]

The emergence of the making of Google doodles started when the company’s main heads Larry Page, CEO of Google and Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google, incorporated a modified doodle showing the main heads’ attendance in the Burning Man festival. Since, then Google has been at large making doodles for special occasions such as the scientists’ birthdays or other such festive moments.

Until now, Google has made 1000+ doodles and it has a separate team of members dedicating their entire life to the making of Google Doodles. In simple words, Doodles are the modified Google logos.