Google Honours Charles Dickens by Adding a Doodle

Charles Dickens was one of the greatest English language novelist of the Victorian era. He has authored many a number of poems and novels and my personal favourites are David Copperfield and The Adventures of Oliver Twist. Google has displayed a new Doodle to honour this great novelist on the occasion of his 200th Birthday.


Google honours Great people and important events or festivals by displaying a Doodle dedicated to the particular person/event on its international page or it’s country specific pages. What started as a practice many years ago, when Google displayed a doodle for the first time for the burning man festival on August 30, 1998 has now grown into a Google culture.

Now it is rare to see the original Google logo as Google displays its Doodles more often. Google has a specialized team that creates this Google Doodles. The Doodle 4 Google competitions conducted by Google are well known to us.

The Doodle features a scene from the 19th century and has characters which resemble Dickens’ novel characters. When you click on the logo, it takes you to the books search results for the search term “Charles Dickens”, usually Google will link the doodle to the Search page, I guess this is the first time it has linked to the books search page.

You can see the whole collection of the Google Doodles right from the first one here. To read our articles on Google Doodles, click this link.

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