Google Introduces the Knowledge Graph

When you search in Google what you get as results is the webpage related to that but now Google has introduced the knowledge graph. Google’s next frontier in search is to understand real-world things and the relationships among them. The knowledge graph by Google is a huge collection of people, places and other real life objects which are connected to one another.

For example you search for Vincent Van Gogh  on Google, It would show the knowledge graph on the right side of the search results were you get a short info about the person you search his birth and death date, his family and his works. Google also shows other related popular searches of the search you make. The search engine also  highlights facts, photos, and other snippets of information about your search.


If you make a search for a place like Eiffel tower you would get the following on the right side of the search page:

  • Images of Eiffel tower and map showing where Eiffel tower is.
  • Facts and descriptions related to Eiffel tower.
  • Searches related to Eiffel tower, such as other Paris monuments
  • Upcoming events to take place in Eiffel tower
  • Building’s feature like height, architect, phone etc.
Thus Google’s Knowledge graph, lets you know more about your search term  without even leaving the results page. That is less time spent searching. Google Knowledge graph, initially after launch would appear only for certain searches like a place,person or thing.It does not show for searches like videos, companies etc.

Another amazing feature of Knowledge Graph is that in some searches which have two different meaning there would be results about one meaning of the topic in a single page so Knowledge Graph shows some more results related to the other meaning.

Google sources its information of knowledge graph from wikipedia,subject specific resources,from and Google search data. Google is trying to be ahead of all search engines by introducing several new and advanced stuff ahead of our time. First it introduced instant search, then it went ahead with search by image and recently Google launched the search plus you feature which added a deep social layer to searches. Now Knowledge Graph has done a good job in integrating search with real world.

Google is rolling out this feature slowly to all its users. Check if you’ve got this by doing a simple Google search.

Share your thoughts and drop your doubts through the comments. It doesn’t cost u a thing, But it motivates us 🙂