How Google and Memory Work Together [Infographic]

Do you remember something that happened a decade back? No. Perhaps, yes. But the internet and search giant, Google, remembers all. Almost everything. Right from it’s birth in 4 Sep, 1998 Google has been working a lot to store everything in it’s massive brain. Google comes handy when you want to check something up in the internet.


Well, Google has a got a lot of positive usage. Yet, there are many people to argue that Googling a lot is sure to affect our memory. With every single thing junked in Google, there seems to be no need for our brain. No need to memorize, no meed to store information and the list goes on. How does Google impact our brain? The answer lies below in the infographic made by Online Colleges.

Almost all the Google products have been of help in one way or the other. Google maps helps you if you need to check out any landmark or place which you cannot remember. Google search itself is used on a daily basis. By just entering the search keywords, you will get the results. It’s just that, the information all over the internet are collected and dumped in a certain place, that’s Google. There are much more Google products that are helpful to us. Dig into the infographic to see more.