Google to Find Personalities’ Birth Dates and Death Dates

Did you ever know that Google has the capability to tell you someone’s birth dates or death dates? If you want to find a personality’s birth date or the opposite, what will you do? Surf his/her profile on Wikipedia, the best online encyclopedia, and there lies his/her profile section wherein everything about him/her will be mentioned.


If you have been prone to finding to someone’s information, mainly birth dates and death dates and also be a Google fan, here is a pretty handy tip that will help you to easily find someone’s birth or death date right in Google.

For an instance, consider you are about to search Steve Jobs’ birth date. Type “Steve Jobs Birth Date” in Google without quotes. There pops a result showing Best Guess for Steve Jobs Date of Birth is February 24, 1995. Also, a search for “Steve Jobs Death Date” reverts you with the result Best Guess for Steve Jobs Date of Death is October 5, 2011.

You can substitute the name Steve Jobs with any name you like, but make sure that the person is a great personality. Only then, the person’s birth date and death date show itself in Google. Googling to find your friend’s birth dates or death dates won’t work.

Also, below the result Google provides with the credits for finding the dates. There lay two buttons labeled Show Sources and Feedback. As the names denote, if you find the result useful you can give the feedback for that particular search. If it is useful, make sure to give a positive feedback or the opposite one, if you find the search not helpful. If you want to know how Google knows these person’s birth and death dates, hit the Show Sources button and there pops the sources’ links.