Google Phone Gallery Helps You Compare Android Phones

Google introduced a new tool called the Google Phone Gallery. This Tool helps you to check and compare the specifications of the various android phones available in the market.

This tool help you to compare the android phones currently available for sale. You can select or filter phones based on the carrier, currently this gallery helps you to compare the phones available in the US. Google said that this gallery would be extended for all countries and more android phones would be added as they come to the market.


This Tool allows you to select three phones and compare them based on the specifications.  Currently 22 android phones are displayed in the gallery. Check it out for yourself here.

How To Compare Android Phones

1. You can select the Add to compare link for any phone on the home screen.

2. Select Compare Selected on the right hand side, below the Side-by-Side Comparison grid.

3. You can also go straight to the comparison page and add phones directly from there.

Share your views with us on this new comparison tool.