Google Pixel is looking Good

Google Pixel is looking Good

google pixelNever mind what has happened in the past – Google is here and they have released a new smartphone.  Welcome the new Pixel, wholly owned and designed by Google.  The Pixel comes with all of the latest features that android and Apple users have become accustomed to.  So even if the Pixel is planted firmly in the category of Android competitors, I believe Google has thrown down the gauntlet to both of the Android market as well as the iPhone market.

There is no doubt that this is a very significant announcement from Google, as they have tried to enter the smartphone market in the past, and clearly believe that there is enough room in the market for another large player to get involved.


Google believe mobile is the way of the future

Really the launch of a new smartphone should come as no surprise as Google have long declared that the mobile space is the way of the future.  And this is not the musing of a small player, when Google talks about the future, they clearly see the future of technology as being online.

And when Google talk about people being online, they are talking about online search.


Google online search – with Pixel

So this introduction of the Pixel is a declaration by Google to enter both the hardware and software space, and that they believe that the growth in the market will continue to increase, and also to spread into new markets, new countries, and new technologies.


So what do you get on the Pixel – Hardwaregoogle pixel

The Pixel is well named – this smartphone comes loaded with an incredible 123MP camera, which is going to beat the competition all ends up.  So now you can take studio quality photos and videos wherever you go, and whenever you like.  But here is the next smart move by Google, you won’t run out of space because the Pixel comes with unlimited data storage online, which is an automated feature that takes care of all your storage needs with little or no impact on your smartphone handset.

The Pixel is expected to come in 2 different sizes, with a screen size of 125 mm as well as a larger 140 mm model.

And Google has thought of everything.  At a time when Apple has decided to leave off the headphone jack. Google has stuck with the convenience of the 3.5 mm jack which allows users to plug in their own choice of headset, and to listen to their choice of audio in complete privacy.

So this is an example of Google’s determination to enter into the smartphone market on its own two feet, and to control all aspects of the production of both hardware and software aspects.  Not concerned with movements of other smartphone manufacturers, Google has determined the specifications  of their newest Pixel technology as an in house design package, and according to their belief of what the customer actually requires from the performance of their smartphone.


Software – Google Assistant for online search

You also get a smart assistant on your smartphone.  As Google’s answer to Siri, the Pixel comes with a built in Google assistant, which has been designed with mobile search in mind, so you know your handheld assistant will have an answer for every question you can possibly think of.

The operating system is also a solid product, as the Pixel comes laded with the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system.

In summary, you get everything that you might expect from a smartphone and more!


The timing is perfect for Pixel

So with a fair amount of turbulence around the smartphone market at the moment, the timing is perfect for Google to release the Pixel onto the market, no matter how crowded we think the market already is.  With Apple copping some stick for omitting the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, and Samsung under the pump with a major recall of the Galaxy Note 7, there is no doubt that Google has got their timing spot on in terms of launching directly into the heart of the competition.


So why buy Google Pixel?

There is no doubt that Google is chasing a larger share of the mobile market.

Although Google has attempted to enter the smartphone market in the past, the previous ventures involved other industry partners for the manufacture of hardware and software.  However, in the time since those other ventures into the mobile market, Google themselves have specified a renewed focus on mobile search capability as being the way of future use of technology.

And who could argue with that logic?  Everyone has a mobile smartphone these days, and with the improvement of technology such as mobile search, mobile friendly websites, voice recognition and the explosion of mobile apps, Google knows that now is the right time to offer a new smartphone into the mobile market.

Try the latest Google Pixel as your next technology advance!

Any Downsides?

The Pixel is not water resistant which is a bit of a drawback for pool lovers and beach goers, but the fact that it comes from such a strongly branded position as Google means that those who want to move away from Apple and Samsung, might just find it a nice alternative.


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