Google’s +1 Button Gets a Facelift

That’s it. Google has now brought an all new, cool looking +1 button to us. If you remember well, the previous +1 button from Google was a bright multicolored one with the “+1” text sporting at the center section. And now, this revamped +1 button from Google seems to be completely different. The fellows from Google have done a commendable job in designing this ultra cool button. At first, it will sport a white background with the text “+1” in orange. Once you hit the button with your mouse, you will notice that the button changes with a bright red colored background.


It is reported that Google agreed with this change owing to the Google+ icon’s color. With the Google+ icon having an orange coat of paint, the staff from Google have given the same to this +1 button too. As of now, this new change to rolled out to the public and is visible to all.

Google+ is already steaming up with this new change. If you land yourself in the Google+ site, make sure to notice that the +1 button at the end of each post will be sporting a bright reddish colored “+1” text with a white background. Once you hit the button, the painted coats taken the opposite places, that’s the “+1” text will become white and the background color changes to a bright red color.

Well, it’s not only the Google+ site sporting this all new +1 button. If you notice well, Google has already taken efforts to bring this new +1 button to all the sites across the web. Any site with the +1 button embedded already will be seen sporting this new +1 button from Google. Join us on +Axleration and share your thoughts.

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