Google+ Gets Face Recognition ; Google+ and Gmail Become a Couple

Google has now come up with two brand new additions. As you read in the title, Google+ has now got a Facebook tag like thing. But it comes with a lot of better features. And secondly, Google took Google+ a step closer to Gmail. Google+ finds it’s way much closer to Gmail having a few features in common.


This new feature in Google+ called Find My Face pings users when they are tagged in other peoples’ photos. The user will have the rights to either approve or reject the tag. Only after approving the tag, people can find you tagged in the picture.

A few days back Facebook came up with a similar feature. But the thing that classifies Facebook’s feature from that of Google+ is, in Google+ the Find My Face automatically recognizes your face and tags you. On the other hand, in Facebook, your friends will have to tag you and you get the rights to approve or reject the tag. On stacking the two features against each other, I find the Google+ Find My Face feature to be a better one.

The feature is turned off by default. It is an opt-in feature. You can enable this feature in the Google+ settings section. Google+ does not avail this new feature yet. Google is on the verge of rolling out this new feature to all the users. Hang on.

And Google+ and Gmail are now a couple! Google recently integrated Google+ in the deep hands of Gmail. Google+ users can find their friends contacts dumped in their Gmail contacts section. Users can find the emails classified according to their Google+ circles.

Users can directly add their contacts to the Google+ circles, add the email attachment to Google+ and do a lot more right within the Gmail fort. Like the Find My Face feature, Google is on the verge of rolling out this new integration. Once launched, you can find both Google+ and Gmail hugging and kissing each other.