Google+ Launches Pages for Businesses

Facebook lost its final advantage over Google+. Now Facebook and Google+ are almost same. With Google+’s launch of Pages for business the fight between Facebook and G+ gets even interesting.


Google was expected to launch a pages for business feature in Google+ since long time ago. Google+ rolled out its page feature for a few selected brands early and on Monday, this feature was opened to everyone.

The concept is same as Facebook Pages. You create a page for your brand,product or any other thing that is listed and start sharing updates with people. You can use Google+ as the page, adding people to your page’s circle and vice versa. People can +1 your page to show their support.

Take a look at this exclusive video to know more about Google+.

Now, quickly create a page for your business in Google+ and start publicizing it and don’t forget to +1 our’s here.

Now Facebook and Google+ has almost the same features. From now on, the battle toughens. Every time Google+ introduces a new feature, Facebook will introduce something new within a week or so to overgrow it. Let’s see what Facebook has to offer this time. Drop in a comment below.

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