Chat With Mutually Circled Friends in Google+ : Says Google

Now, it’s time for Google+ users to chat with their mutually circled friends. On Monday, Google rolled out this new feature to all Google+ users, with which they can chat with people, provided each has circled the other. This step extends Google+ chat to a better place.

This new introduction makes it easier for users to connect with a lot of people online and expand their social connection. If you want to try out this new feature, you will just have to log into your Google+ account. On logging in, you will find a pop up box on the bottom left of the page, introducing this new feature. Enable it and voila! You can now chat with new people provided they are available in your circles and also you have been circled by them.


The custom settings is now set to default. That’s Your Circles. All the people in Your Circles can now find you online in the chat section. But if you ever wanted to limit your availability, just visit the privacy settings tab of the Google+ chat section and there lies the option to narrow down your availability to people.

Also Google adds, “Google Chat makes it easy to chat with people you have relationships with. In Google+, you can chat with anyone in your Circles who also has added you to their Circles. And, when you’re not using Google Plus, you’ll still be able to chat with them using Google products including, Gmail, the Google Talk client, iGoogle, Orkut and 3rd party apps.

Instead of showing all the followers in your chat list, Google+ shows only the people from your most recent conversations. As usual, the online users top the offline contacts in the chat placement.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google+ and try out this new chat feature. Do drop in your comments here in the comments section, after trying this out.