Official Google +1 and Facebook Like Buttons for Chrome

The +1 button by Google and the Facebook Like buttons are the best two tools for bookmarking content to the social networking sites. Any content that you find interesting can be easily shared with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus just by clicking these buttons. Mainly websites have implemented the Facebook Like button ages ago but the new +1 button by Google isn’t used by people much.


So Google has come up with a Google Chrome extension for the +1 button with which you can easily share any page on the internet. There had not been any news of this extension before it’s launch. Google rolled this out quietly without letting anyone know. Would Facebook see this and sit quite watching it’s rival, Google, making good progress? Of course not! Soon after the launch of +1 extension, Facebook came up with it’s version of Like button for Chrome browser.

Google +1 Button Chrome Extension

To install this extension in your Chrome browser, go to Google Chrome +1 button Official and install it. After the installation of this extension, you can see a button named +1 at the top right of the browser (in the address bar). Just find any interesting content on the web and click that button to share that to your friends on Google Plus. All your contents you +1 will go to your +1 section of your Google Profile. Click the button to +1 the content and click again to remove the +1 you made. If the button is white in color, it means that you can +1 the content and if the button is blue in color, you have already +1(d) the content. Click it to remove the +1 you did.

Facebook Like Button Chrome Extension

So you want to install this too? Go to this page : Facebook Like button Official and install it. This one is similar to the previous one. In this case a thumbs up will appear on the address bar. But this one has a slight difference. Unlike the +1 button, you will have to click this twice. The first time you click, a box will appear where you can either Like or Unlike the content.

And the amazing thing in this extension is that you can also right click on any page to like, share or recommend the content to your Facebook friends. If you choose to share content, you can also add a comment and also control who seems that post!

So that’s it. I wanted to share this post with my friends (that’s you) and I finished writing now. Hope you liked it. And also don’t forget to +1 or Like the content. Do so and share this post with your friends!