Google+ Borrows Trends Section From Twitter

Now here comes another idea copied by Google from Twitter. When Google+ launched, Google came up with it’s own unique ideas. With the time passing, it seems like Google ran out of ideas and got a few from it’s close competitors, Facebook and Twitter.

A brand new trends section has been added to Google+ showing the top 10 trending topics in Google+. This trends section feeds the Google+ users with the top 10 trending topics for the users to read, provided they care to do so. As of now, you can get access to the trending section only by doing a search in Google+


As you can see below, when I searched a query in Google+, the results poped in the left side of the page with the right side of the page taken place by the trends section. As of now, the top 3 trending topics are Green Bay Packers, Breaking Dawn and San Francisco 49ers

Google+ does not allow users to set the trends based on the location. While on the other hand, Twitter’s trending corner allows users to check the trends based on the location or set to world trends by default. Perhaps, Google will consider bringing such as feature or bring a much more interesting feature.

The trending section is not yet set to be positioned in the main page, that’s the homepage of Google+. The homepage is now bundled with lots of sections like Hangouts, Send Invitations, Google+ Pages and Go Mobile. Its quite obvious that Google+ is waiting to expand it’s userbase after which the trends section will start appearing in the homepage.