Google+ Welcomes Teens to the Gang

As of now, users who are 13 years old and above can join the internet giant’s social networking site Google+. Previously, when Google+ launched, Google limited the users to only those who were 18 years or old. But now, the site has updated with highly secure features for the teens. While the teens and the young adults form the majority section of the internet world, this Google+ introduction is set to pave the path for the social networking site to overtake the present hero, Facebook.


According to the reports, the delay in the opening of the site to the teens, was to add features that prove to be secure to the teens using the site. Once you read this post, you will notice the fact that the Google+ site, with pretty heavy, secure features for the teens, looks a lot interesting than the Facebook’s privacy controls. The teens are generally exposed to harmful content and company when it comes to online social networking. With this fact in mind, Google redesigned the Google+ site, coupled with new features, making the teens’ usage of the social networking site more secure.

[stextbox id=”info”]Notice While Sharing Posts With Public[/stextbox]

If you are teen using Google+, you will notice a pop up box showing “When you share publicly, people who you haven’t added to your circles will be able to view your post and may be able to comment.” when you wish to share a post with the Public. Each time you hit the Public button in the sharing controls, this message pops, reminding you that the post is visible to all, no matter whether they are in your circles or not. This proves to be an useful, secure feature for teens, who are prone to sharing posts very much.

[stextbox id=”info”]Receiving Notifications[/stextbox]

Now, a stranger cannot send a Hello to a teen, unless he/she is in the teens’ circles. Also, Google+ has come up with a single button click to block an user. With this new feature enabled in your account, you will no longer have access to those irritating, unknown strangers.

[stextbox id=”info”]New Security to Hangouts[/stextbox]

Consider you are a teen and you are hanging out with your friends. If a stranger joins the hangout in the middle of the conversation, you will automatically be kicked out of the video call and be asked whether you would like to join back. Joining back or not is in your hands, which takes care of your online privacy.

Also, the all new Google+ Safety Center features all those security features for both teens and adults. With that document in hand, you will no longer be prone to online scams and be secure while networking on the all new, updated, secure Google+ site.